Shona Illingworth is a Danish Scottish artist who works across a range of media including sound, film, video, photography and drawing. She is known for her immersive video and multi-channel sound installations, and evocative, research-led practice in which she explores the dynamic processes of memory and construction of histories in situations of social tension and trauma. She draws on long-term interdisciplinary dialogues with scientists, to investigate the ongoing impact of amnesia and cultural erasure on the invisible social, cultural and geopolitical architectures that we inhabit, and on our capacity to imagine the future.  

The past existing as a space you can’t enter or feel –
the future a space you can’t imagine.

Claire, who has dense retrograde and anterograde amnesia and prosopagnosia, after encephalitis damaged her right temporal lobe.

This is now the EGD 701 Danger Area Complex
A sanitized airspace with unlimited altitude
A fully instrumented controlled environment
Redesigned to accommodate safety traces
For modern weapons systems testing

Lesions in the Landscape, (Hebrides Rocket Range)